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Kajabi is built around the concept of products and offers. This can be somewhat confusing but here is a basic description of how this works.

Products do not have a price. A Product is simply the piece of content that the user will consume inside your Kajabi portal. A Product is purchased by being add to an Offer. The Offer can contain as many products as you like and the Offer is what has the price associated with it. With this structure the Kajabi user is able to bundle Products in some really powerful ways.

Since we want to be able to see if someone not only has purchased an Offer, but also if they have access to a Product, we have a liquid filter that does just that.


{% assign enterprise = current_site.find_product[12] %} {% if enterprise.currently_owns? %} <a href="{{ enterprise.url }}">Enterprise</a> {% endif %}


{% assign enterprise = current_site.find_offer[12] %} {% if enterprise.currently_owns? %} <a href="{{ enterprise.url }}">Enterprise</a> {% endif %}

Here on the UX Team, we are so grateful for your time and we look forward to making the process of developing Kajabi themes simpler than ever before!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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