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Required Pages

Kajabi has three types of themes: Landing pages, Sites and products. Each theme type has a few required templates to ensure that they tap into all kajabi functionality.

Landing Page

Because landing pages are a single page they only require the one index template.



The site themes control everything from login to the customers product library. There are many pages that make up a fully functioning site theme.

/templates/404.liquid /templates/blog.liquid /templates/blog_post.liquid /templates/blog_search.liquid /templates/forgot_password.liquid /templates/forgot_password_edit.liquid /templates/index.liquid /templates/library.liquid /templates/login.liquid /templates/page.liquid /templates/thank_you.liquid


A product theme is the way a user consumes the digital content.

/templates/announcements.liquid /templates/categories.liquid /templates/category.liquid /templates/comment.liquid /templates/post.liquid /templates/product.liquid /templates/search.liquid

Here on the UX Team, we are so grateful for your time and we look forward to making the process of developing Kajabi themes simpler than ever before!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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